Fire Resistant Ceiling Perforated Fiber Glass Ceiling Tile

The glass fiber board can be used on the ceiling or the decoration of the inner wall to play the role of sound absorption and noise reduction. When used as a ceiling material, it can be used with a keel, or it can be hung, with different decorative effects. When used as a wall panel, you can achieve a good decorative effect by designing the color and shape.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fiberglass board, also known as fiberglass ceiling tile, is generally used for soft-packing the base layer, and then wrapping with cloth and leather on the outside to make beautiful wall and ceiling decorations. The application is very wide. It has the characteristics of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, and flame retardant. fiberglass ceilingCompared with ordinary similar products, fiberglass board has the characteristics of good sound absorption, high heat preservation, high flame retardancy, strength, excellent flatness, and beautiful finish, convenient installation, good moisture-proof performance, no deformation under any damp condition, easy to operate, easy to cut, good fire and heat insulation performance, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, the product can be recycled. The glass fiber sound-absorbing panel controls and adjusts the indoor reverberation time to reduce noise and sound quality. The glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling has good heat insulation performance and can be used in air-conditioned places to reduce the external impact to save energy. FEATURE The glass fiber glued on the surface is manufactured under high temperature and high pressure, and its outer surface has high-quality moisture resistance. Thermal insulation: As we all know, glass fiber has low thermal conductivity, especially glass fiber with a thinner diameter. Because of its low bulk density, it can be widely used for heat preservation, heat insulation and cold insulation in construction and industrial sectors. Sound absorption: The glass fiber material has excellent sound absorption and sound insulation properties, and its sound absorption coefficient and frequency characteristics are closely related to the bulk density, thickness and diameter of the glass fiber. Usually, the sound absorption coefficient decided by bulk density and thickness of the glass fiber board. Customization could be accepted. features PRODUCT SPECIFICATION fiber glass ceiling tile   APPLICATION   application      

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