Hospital Ceiling Mineral Fiber Ceiling Sand Texture 15mm

The sandblasting pattern is a particularly classic pattern in the mineral wool board. It is divided into sandblasting with holes and sandblasting without holes. When the sandblasted pattern is hung up, it looks very high-end and elegant, especially suitable for office occasions.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Mineral fiber ceiling board sand texture is a very popular pattern in the market. The production process of sand texture is more complicated. The surface is covered with real sand. This is the highlights of this product. Sand texture board decoration effect will be better. The installation of mineral fiber board should be after the finish of wet work, wiring of the ceiling, installation of doors and windows, and the successful test of water pipes. Mineral fiber ceiling board is usually light lifting. Heavy objects such as big lights should be apart from the ceiling grid and should be lifted seperately. Gloves is needed during the whole installation, keep ventilation and shut the door and windows in rainy days after mineral fiber board installed. Do not use the board in the situation with chemical gas (such as free tolylene diisocyanate, TDI paint will make the board yellow) and vibration. Do not load any weight on the mineral fiber ceiling board. SAND TEXTURE    SAND FINISH CEILING    SAND SURFACE 1   RAW MATERIAL   mineral fiber raw materials PRODUCT SPECIFICATION   raw materialINSTALLATION The method of installation Select a way for installation according to the design and position the lifting point. Fix the lifting point with ceiling top by expanding bolt. If there is pre-set unit on the top, other kind of method can be adopted. Decide the height of lifting pole according to the ceiling's tallness, generally 10-15mm longer than the length that going to beused. Link the main joist to the ceiling and fix the side joist with the wall. Arrange the long cross tee and short cross tee according to the specifications of boards. Fit the acoustic board on the ceiling grid with residual evenly arranged around. To know more details, please contact us. installation

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