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Glass fiber board is a kind of high nrc ceiling sound-absorbing board, usually nrc can reach 0.9, it can be used in stadiums, theaters, cinemas, recording studios and other places where noise reduction is required. The glass fiber board can be made into various shapes and colors, which is very fashionable and atmospheric.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. The glass fiber ceiling tile is made of glass wool or mineral wool as the base material. 2. The most popular shapes are square shape and rectangle shape. Sizes are 595x595mm, 600x600mm, 603x603mm, 1200x600mm, etc. hospital ceiling   baffle ceiling   acoustic ceiling ADVANTAGES 1. The fiberglass ceiling has a good sound absorption effect, it can be widely used in various places, and can be customized in different colors, like red, blue, white, yellow, green, grey, etc. It has a very good decorative effect and very strong sense of design with various shapes. Mostly, this ceiling tile is used in interior decoration. The shape of ceiling could be customized, for example, square, rectangle, triangle, polygon, etc. 2. The glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling is based on glass wool, and its noise reduction coefficient is about 1.0. Sound waves hardly reflect on its surface. It can effectively control and adjust the indoor reverberation time, reduce noise, and improve sound quality. Fiber sound-absorbing ceilings have good thermal insulation properties. They can be used in air-conditioned places to reduce the influence of the outside world on indoor temperature, thereby effectively saving energy. Fiberglass sound-absorbing ceilings hardly absorb moisture from the air. The moisture-proof performance can maintain the stability from size to flatness in any humid environment. 3. With excellent sound absorption performance, the installation cavity on the back of the building ceiling is usually larger than 200mm. The sound absorption coefficient of the low frequency band will be greatly improved due to the cavity. According to the measurement, the glass fiber ceiling can achieve the effect of strong sound absorption in the full frequency band. The lightness of the board is determined according to the measurement. The thickness of the plate is thin, the weight is light, and the areal density is about 2. O~3. Okg/mz, it is convenient for transportation and storage. Because the ceiling does not need the protective decorative surface layer of the general glass fiber board, the sound insulation of the light wall is only about 23, 24dB and there will be no fibers scattered to pollute the environment, and the construction site is clean. The metal keel is used for installation, which can be either exposed keel or concealed keel, which is not only convenient for installation, but also convenient for future maintenance and replacement. It is widely used in indoor spaces that require both noise reduction and decoration, such as hospitals, auditoriums, exhibition halls, trial halls, libraries, studios, recording studios, gymnasiums, audio classrooms, and commercial shopping venues.   FEATURE features   USAGES   application

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