High NRC Ceiling Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tegular Edge

NRC is a parameter representing the sound absorption properties of a material. Generally, the higher the NRC, the better the sound absorption performance of the board and the better the noise reduction performance. The NRC of the mineral wool board can meet the requirements of general office and achieve a relatively quiet effect.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board has square edge and tegular edge. These two types of edges are widely used in the projects. Tegular edge ceiling could make good-looking performance, it will present a three-dimensional effect. The difference between mineral fiber ceiling board and integrated ceiling is mainly reflected in the use of ceiling boards and the lifting effect. The integrated ceiling can be customized for different ceiling effects according to user needs, but the mineral fiber ceiling board has a professional ceiling system to show the ceiling effect. This hoisting effect also determines the places where the two ceiling are used. The mineral fiber ceiling board is more suitable for public ceiling places, beautiful and safe, and the integrated ceiling is more suitable for private custom places. ceiling healthcare ceiling shopping mall ceilingRAW MATERIAL mineral fiber raw materials   EDGES   ceiling-edge   FEATURE 1. Noise reduction: The mineral fiber ceiling board uses mineral wool as the main raw material for production, and the mineral wool has developed micropores, which reduces the reflection of sound waves, eliminates echo, and isolates the noise transmitted by the floor. 2. Sound absorption: Mineral fiber board is a kind of porous material, which is composed of countless micropores composed of fibers, which reduces the reflection of sound waves, eliminates echo, and isolates the noise transmitted by the floor slab. The sound wave hits the surface of the material, part is reflected back, part is absorbed by the plate, and part passes through the plate and enters the back cavity, which greatly reduces the reflected sound, effectively controls and adjusts the indoor reverberation time, and reduces noise. When used in interior decoration, the average sound absorption rate can reach 0.5 or more, suitable for offices, schools, shopping malls and other places. 3. Fire resistance: Fire prevention is the primary issue in the design of modern public buildings and high-rise buildings. Mineral fiber board is made of non-combustible mineral wool as the main raw material. It will not burn in the event of a fire, thus effectively preventing the spread of fire. mineral fiber features     APPLICATION     library ceiling     conference room ceiling     hallway ceiling      

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