Suspended System Accessories

Butterfly knot wire rod is a very commonly used to ceiling grid accessories, composed of two wires and a clip, it is simple construction and stable installation. Wire can be long or short, and freely adjusted. During the construction process, the height of the barbed wire can be adjusted according to the construction requirements.

Products Details

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Classification of ceiling grid    1. Flat ceiling grid. The decorative surface of the flat lacquered keel is made of matte coated steel strip with fine texture and no color difference. It is multi-roller molding, smooth surface, high strength, easy and quick installation.    2. Narrow-sided flat ceiling grid. The narrow-sided flat ceiling grid has a simple and elegant shape, excellent shock resistance, light weight, and easy and quick installation.        White-Ceiling-Grid6    Black-Ceiling-Grid5    Black-Line-Ceiling-Grid6    FUT-Ceiling-Grid6 3. Groove-shaped ceiling grid. The trough-type ceiling grid is available in black or white, with strong three-dimensional effect, it is convenient to install and firm system, which can replace the T-shaped aluminum alloy keel.    4. Three-dimensional grooved ceiling grid. The three-dimensional grooved ceiling grid is made of double-sided color coated steel strips, with soft color, clear lines, strong three-dimensional effect, high dimensional accuracy, and tight coordination. It can be used with metal ceilings and mineral fiber ceiling board. It is a modern building interior A classic product for suspended ceilings.   FEATURE 1. Absolutely fireproof: the ceiling grid is made of fireproof galvanized sheet, which is durable.    2. Reasonable structure: The ceiling grid adopts economical placement structure, special connection method, combined loading and unloading. It is convenient, simple and saving labor cost.    3. Beautiful appearance: The surface of the keel of the paint keel is made of galvanized steel plate, which has been painted.    4. Wide range of uses: The ceiling grid is suitable for shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, banks and various large public places.   SUITABLE CEILING TILES   CEILING TILES   INSTALLATION     installation    

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