Perforated Calcium Silicate Board with Glass Wool

The calcium silicate composite glass wool board can not only absorb sound and reduce noise, but also can keep warm and heat insulation. It can be used for partition walls and ceilings. Most of them can be used for sound absorption and noise reduction in the engine room, because the perforated board itself is sound-absorbing. Size can be 600x600, 600x1200mm. Thickness can be 5mm, 6mm.

Products Details

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION   Calcium silicate composite glass wool is a new composite material. This board can be directly attached to the wall, and the construction is very convenient. And calcium silicate board and glass wool are both fireproof materials, they are suitable for interior decoration. Perforated boards, whether calcium silicate or mineral wool boards, can be used in machine rooms for sound absorption and noise reduction.   1. Material: torbe mullite crystal, cement, quartz sand, cellulose fiber; 2. Surface coating: acrylic latex paint; 3. Fire protection: non-combustible Class A; 4. Capacity: 1.20-1.40g/cm3; 5. Factory moisture content: <10%; 6. Thermal conductivity: average 0.22W/MK. calcium silicate board     PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Calcium silicate board data   PRODUCT PROCESS     calcium silicate board process     USAGES Ceilings for offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, restaurants, hotels, homes, etc.   calcium silicate board application

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