Fire Rated Calcium Silicate Board For Partition And Ceiling

The main raw materials of calcium silicate board are siliceous materials and calcium materials, which are an inorganic building material made by proportioning. This kind of board has high strength, light weight, especially fireproof, non-combustible and anti-sag.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. The basic material layer is white fiber cement board or calcium silicate board; 2. The surface decoration layer is painted, embossed or covered with PVC; 3. The thickness is usually 5mm, 6mm; 4. Size 595x595mm or 603x603mm;   drop ceiling     ADVANTAGES Advantages of calcium silicate ceiling:   1. Environmental protection;                      2. Fire protection; 3. Moisture-proof;                                      4. Anti-corrosion; 5. Light weight;                                          6. High strength; 7. Thermal insulation;                                8. Sound insulation; 9. Not easy to deform;                             10. Easy to construct.   USAGES Calcium silicate ceilings are used for ceilings in civil and industrial kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other wet areas. Calcium silicate ceilings are widely used in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories, buildings, schools, villas, theaters and other various art buildings. This ceiling is suitable for all kinds of damp areas and places with a lot of rain. It is both moisture-proof and fire-proof, which instead of some only fire-proof ceilings. And it has many surface patterns to choose from, which is very suitable for the beautiful and elegant interior decoration. Send us inquiry for more interest by mail or phone. calcium silicate board application     PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Calcium silicate board data

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