Soundproofing Office Fiber Glass Ceiling Tile

Fiberglass boards can be made into various shapes and colors. There are square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, and circular. Colors are black, white, yellow, blue, green. It can be made of various shapes, colors and shapes, and can be decorated with various kinds of hanging boards.

Products Details

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. Advantages: sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, flame retardant. 2. Material: Torre faction compounded high density fiberglass wool 3. Surface: Various decorative fabrics 4. Fire-resistant: Class A, and finished board class B 5. Thermal resistant:≥0.4(m2.k/w) 6. Moisture-proof: Good dimensional stability and no sagging when the temperature is below 40 °C and moisture is below 95%
Sound absorption
Moisture resistant subsidence
Installation:T-grid: removable, suitable for metric or imperial t-grid
Size:595*595 mm    603*603 mm      600*600 mm  Upon customer’s requirement Thickness:12 mm    15 mm     20 mm        25 mm   Upon customer’s requirement features APPLICATION The tile is the made by high-density fiberglass, the surface and four sies with compound decoration fabric and the back with fiber glass wool.edges and angle with the characteristics of saquare and also could be bevel. Fiberglass panels are widely used sound-absorbing ceilings in school classrooms, noise reduction and echo ceilings on TV stations, flame-retardant ceiling partitions in tobacco factories, flame-retardant ceilings in furniture factories, sound-absorbing ceilings in theaters, etc,. In music rooms, theaters, conference rooms, gyms, studios and other places, it is necessary to control the reverberation of people's speech.Sometimes it is difficult to install an absorbent ceiling on the top. For example, some stadiums have a steel frame structure roof, and sometimes a glass roof, and sound-absorbing wall panels can play a suitable role. application PRODUCT PROCESS The glass wool is spread and hot-pressed into glass wool board and glass wool mat. The glass wool board and the glass wool surface mat are bonded together with phenolic resin. After cutting, the surface is treated with acrylic water-based paint to make it decorative. The main raw materials are glass wool, calcium carbonate powder and acrylic resin. Chemical composition: silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, acrylic resin, phenolic resin. Uses: sound-absorbing materials for architectural decoration. fiberglass ceiling   PRODUCT SPECIFICATION fiber glass ceiling tile

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