Fire Resistant Cavity Wall Insulation Glass Wool Panel

Product specifications Density: 70-85 kg/m3 Width: 1200mm Length: 2400-4000mm Thickness: 25-30mm Multiple veneers can be heated Glass wool board is mainly used for thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction of building exterior walls, and thermal insulation of industrial kilns

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. The strong and flat surface can be heat-recovered with a variety of veneers. 2. Sound absorption and noise reduction can effectively prevent sound transmission. 3. Simple construction and cutting as your requirement. 4. Antibacterial, mildew, anti-aging, anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment. 5. Class A1 fire protection, permanent non-combustible. 6. Low moisture absorption, stable physical properties. 7. Strong vibration resistance and high durability.ADVANTAGES Thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, more comfortable and safer. The glass wool board is a plate-shaped material made of ultra-fine cotton felt with phenolic resin paste, pressurized and heated to solidify, the surface can be pasted with PVC film fabric or aluminum foil. This product has the characteristics of light bulk density, sound absorption coefficient, flame retardant and excellent chemical stability. Glass wool panel has the characteristics of low slag ball content and slender fiber, which can well confine the air so that it cannot flow, eliminate the convection heat transfer of the air, greatly reduce the thermal conductivity of the product, and quickly attenuate the sound transmission. Glass wool board also has the characteristics of being able to be cut at will, and its physical properties are stable. In addition to being used for sound insulation and heat insulation of ordinary exterior walls, glass wool panels are also used in the construction of large venues. In large spaces with higher requirements for sound absorption, glass wool is mostly made into large sound-absorbing bodies with other shapes. In addition, glass wool panels are also used for sound insulation of roads shielding. USAGES Uses: Thermal insulation and cold preservation of roof buildings; entertainment venues, theaters, television stations, radio stations, laboratories, sound absorption processing, air-conditioning pipeline freezing and cold storage warehouse insulation. The length is generally 1000mm-2200mm (other lengths can be cut at will); the width is generally: 600mm-1200mm (special-shaped specifications can be customized); thickness: 25mm-120mm; density: 24-98kg/m3. GLASS WOOL APPLICATION

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