Heat Insulation Rock Wool Pipe

Rock wool pipe is made of slag wool as raw material. A certain amount of raw material is weighed, and then it is formed on steel pipes of different sizes. The production process of rock wool pipe and glass wool pipe is similar, and both are used for the thermal insulation function of steel pipe.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1.Rock wool pipes are widely used in the insulation of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile and other industrial boilers and equipment pipelines. 2.The rock wool tube shell has good heat preservation performance, machining performance and fire resistance performance. Rock wool tube shell has high acidity coefficient, good chemical stability and fiber durability, rock wool tube shell has good sound absorption characteristics.3.Rock wool tube is a kind of rock wool insulation material mainly used in pipelines. It is made of natural basalt or mineral wool as the main raw material. 4.After high temperature melting, it is made into artificial inorganic fiber by high-speed centrifugal equipment. At the same time, special binder and dustproof oil are added, and then heated and solidified to various specifications rock wool insulation pipe. 5.Rock wool tube shell is made of selected diabase and basalt slag as the main raw materials, melted at high temperature and sprayed with special adhesive and waterproofing agent during high-speed centrifugation, and made of resin rock wool insulation tube shell and waterproof rock wool Insulation shell. ROCK WOOL PIPE ADVANTAGES 1. The rock wool pipe system is made of basalt as the main raw material and melted into artificial inorganic fiber at high temperature. It has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, non-combustibility, and good chemical stability. 2. It is a new type of heat preservation, heat insulation and sound absorption material. 3. Rock wool pipe also has the properties of waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation and cold insulation. It has certain chemical stability and will not deliquesce even if it is used for a long time under humid conditions. 4. Because its products do not contain fluorine (F-) and chlorine (CL), rock wool has no corrosive effect on the equipment and is a non-combustible material. PACKING AND SHIPPING PACKING AND SHIPPING ROCK WOOL PIPE   PRODUCT SPECIFICATION   DATA

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