School Library Ceiling Mineral Fiber Ceiling 12mm

Generally, in schools, we need decorative materials for sound absorption and noise reduction. Because the school has a large number of people and the environment is relatively noisy, mineral wool boards are very suitable for use in schools as ceiling materials.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BC002 pattern is a very popular mineral fiber ceiling board pattern at present, and the ceiling performance is very beautiful. It is mainly suitable for the ceiling of the office, which plays a role of sound insulation and noise reduction. The BC002 pattern is very popular among customers in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, so it has been selling well. The BC002 pattern belongs to the caterpillar flower type series. In addition to BC002,  BC004 and BC005 flower types are also very popular. There are many patterns of mineral fiber ceiling board. Each factory can make a little different from other factoies. So before placing the order, we have to confirm the surface patterns. And the surface pattern can be customization to meet each client's requirement. ceiling edgeRAW MATERIAL mineral fiber raw materials Mineral fiber ceiling board popular thickness is 12mm,14mm,15mm,16mm. Metric size is 595x595mm, british size is 603x603mm. Literally, there is no requirement of minimal order quantity for popular thickness and size. But for other size and thickness, we may request minimal order quantity to better produce. Not only mineral fiber ceiling board can be used in the offices, but also schools, libraries, administration area, lobby, etc., where needs sound insulation and noise reduction. There are many factories in our area, some ones are small, some ones are big, the quality is different between the factories, so please believe you get what you pay for. The service life of mineral fiber board is relatively long and does not require frequent replacement and maintenance, so it saves manpower and financial resources in terms of after-sales. Mineral fiber ceiling board usually matches with ceiling t grid to complete a whole project. Ceiling T grid includes main tee, cross tee and wall angle. There are many thickness about ceiling grid steel belt, the thickness is more thicker, the quality is more better. So don't be afraid the higher prices, be attention to the product quality. There are several installation methods, sometimes, we use metal stud to support the whole frame, sometimes we don't. It depends on contruction requirement. PATTERNS MINERAL FIBER CEILING TILES MINERAL WOOL CEILING BOARD LOADING QUANTITY
  14MM SQUARE EDGE   12780PCS/40HQ
  15MM SQUARE EDGE   12100PCS/40HQ
  16MM SQUARE EDGE   11280PCS/40HQ

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