Affordable Calcium Silicate Hilux False Ceiling at Rs 95/sq ft in Mumbai

2023-05-03 07:51:23 By : admin
A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the main ceiling of a room or building. It is also known as a dropped or suspended ceiling. False ceilings are installed for various purposes such as concealing wires, ducts, pipes, and for improving the aesthetics of a space. One of the popular materials used for false ceilings is Calcium Silicate.

Calcium silicate is a composite material made of calcium, silicon, and oxygen. It is a building material that is known for its durability, fire resistance, thermal insulation, and moisture resistance properties. False ceilings made of Calcium Silicate are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential spaces. They offer several benefits over traditional false ceilings:
Calcium Silicate Hilux False Ceiling, Rs 95 /square feet, Libo Interior Solutions Private Limited | ID: 17152870262

1. Fire Resistance: Calcium silicate false ceilings have excellent fire resistance properties. They can withstand high temperatures and do not contribute to the spread of fire.

2. Moisture Resistance: Calcium silicate false ceilings are moisture resistant and do not absorb water. They are ideal for spaces that are prone to dampness or humidity.

3. Durability: Calcium silicate false ceilings are sturdy and long-lasting. They are resistant to wear and tear and can withstand heavy loads.

4. Thermal Insulation: Calcium silicate false ceilings offer excellent thermal insulation properties. They help to regulate the temperature of a room and reduce energy consumption.

5. Aesthetics: Calcium silicate false ceilings come in a variety of designs and finishes. They can be painted, textured, or covered with wallpaper to match the décor of a room.

Calcium silicate false ceilings are easy to install and maintain. They are also eco-friendly and do not emit any harmful substances.

Calcium Silicate Hilux false ceilings are a popular brand of Calcium Silicate false ceilings. They are made by a leading manufacturer and are known for their quality and reliability. They come in a range of sizes and designs to suit different spaces and requirements.

In conclusion, Calcium Silicate false ceilings offer many advantages over traditional false ceilings. They are fire resistant, moisture resistant, durable, thermally insulated, and aesthetically pleasing. They are an ideal choice for both commercial and residential spaces. Calcium Silicate Hilux false ceilings are a top-quality brand that is worth considering for your next false ceiling installation. Contact a professional false ceiling installer to get started.