Humidity Resistance Ceiling Rock Wool Ceiling Tile

The rock wool ceiling and the glass fiber board have the same purpose, and the production process is the same, but the built-in materials are different, one is rock wool, the other is glass wool, both of which are very good sound-absorbing materials. Size could be square, circle, triangle, or other sizes and shapes.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Features: Rock wool sound-absorbing ceiling tile, its best performance is thermal insulation, combustion & sound insulation performance. Rock wool is an inorganic fiber made of natural rock such as basalt, aluminum vanadium, etc. by melting and fiberizing at high temperature. DINING ROOM CEILING   ACOUSTIC CEILING   WAITING ROOM CEILINGFEATURE 1. Insulation performance Good thermal insulation is the basic characteristic of rock wool and slag wool products. Under normal temperature (about 25℃), their thermal conductivity is usually between 0.03~0.047W/(moK). 2. Combustion performance The burning performance of rock wool and slag wool products depends on the amount of combustible adhesive. Rock wool and slag wool are inorganic silicate fibers, which are non-flammable. In the process of processing into products, organic binders or additives are sometimes added, which will have a certain impact on the combustion performance of the products. 3. Sound insulation performance Rock wool and slag wool products have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption properties. The sound absorption mechanism has a porous structure. When sound waves pass through, friction due to the effect of flow resistance causes part of the sound energy to be absorbed by the fibers, hindering the transmission of sound waves. EDGES  ceiling edge INSTALLATION 1. Install with ceiling grid, T15 or T24 2. Ceiling tiles are easy to trim and install 3. Both imperial and metric grids are available application PRODUCT SPECIFICATION
Main material:   torrefaction compounded high density rock wool
Face:  special painted laminated with decorative fiberglass tissue
Design:  White spray/ white paint/ black spray/colorful as demanded
Fire-resistant:  Class A, tested by SGS (EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009)
NRC:  0.8-0.9 tested by SGS (ENISO354:2003 ENISO11654:1997)
HUMIDITY:  Dimensionally stable with RH up to 95% at 40℃ No sagging, warping or delaminating.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT:  Tiles and packings are fully recyclable
SAFETY:  Limit of radionuclides in building materials Specific activity of 226Ra:Ira≤1.0 Specific activity of 226Ra,232Th,40K:Ir≤1.3

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